ICT Services

ICT Services

Alpha Scan IT Support have built an excellent understanding of the unique ICT requirements of infant, junior, primary and secondary schools.

We provide an unlimited support service with no hidden costs and have a track record of seamless migrations away from county IT support.

Our service is personalised to meet your individual needs, ensuring professional results every time.

ICT Services for Schools in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset

We offer both onsite support and remote support via our telephone helpdesk. Issues are dealt with quickly and you are kept informed without having to chase.

Our office-based support team is available Monday to Friday from 7am – 6pm.

School Wireless Design

A robust, dependable and secure wireless network with good coverage is increasingly important as schools adopt more flexible approaches to teaching and learning with wireless devices such as tablets. Administrative and teaching staff can also take advantage of wireless working with wireless printers, laptops and tablets.

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School Broadband

Robust and dependable internet access is essential for any modern school. At Alpha Scan we offer fast, reliable broadband connectivity in a range of affordable broadband packages from traditionalL connections to premium and fibre options.

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Automated offsite backup

Using Alpha Scan automated offsite Backup, your information is backed up and duplicated to a secure remote location, adding an additional layer of security. If the worst should happen and your onsite back-up is unrecoverable, we’ve got you covered. For even greater peace of mind, also speak with us regarding Alpha Scan Cloud Backup.

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Structured Cabling

Implementing new structured cabling is also an excellent way to improve your system’s performance and power consumption to maximize the efficiency of your network.

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ICT Suite Development

At Alpha Scan we can help you develop your ICT suite. Our consultative approach gives us an understanding of the individual requirements of your school, ensuring we propose the best solutions, well balanced between considerations of budgetary constraints and performance.

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Cloud Migration and Support

Your school may benefit from locating certain data and resources within the cloud.

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