The ‘Prevent Duty’

The Prevent Duty

As you will be aware, all schools are now subject to a ‘Prevent Duty’ under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act, in which they are required to display
“due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”.

To remain fully compliant with the UK Government’s and Ofsted’s recommendations, school web filtering systems should allow staff to view and report on internet activity at an individual user level.

Alpha Scan’s web filtering service (applied as standard to all broadband packages) helps schools to meet these requirements. Our web filtering team liaise directly with the government to identify lists of websites that are deemed inappropriate, including the Home Office terrorism block list. All websites highlighted on the lists are then blocked.

The Prevent Duty Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset

Alpha Scan web filtering features and benefits:

  • Notifications alerting staff to suspicious search queries
  • Temporary blocks to categories at user, IP, group or domain level on both fixed   and mobile devices
  • Prevent duty compliant reporting functionality included as standard with all Alpha Scan broadband connections
  • Real-time visibility of your whole school network
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