Thin Client Technology

Thin Client Technology

A ‘thin client‘ is a streamlined computer used to access data and run processes on a remote server. The server manages the workload of multiple thin clients at once as part of a cloud-based network.

Using an Alpha Scan thin client network, all significant processing is handled by a centralised server. This allows a greater level of visibility, control and security, which is ideal for businesses that work with sensitive data.

Thin clients are ideal for users that do not have a demand for high-performance processing power, such as call centre staff using web-based applications and voice over IP telecoms.

Thin clients are simple machines that are not required to store any data. They have low energy processors and no moving parts. Thin clients are therefore considerably more affordable than standard computers.

Thin client technology for businesses in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset

In order to effectively implement thin client technology, considerations should be made to ensure a robust cloud infrastructure, which has the capability to service the workload of multiple users.

At Alpha Scan, we can help you decide whether a thin client network is right for your business.

  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Increased visibility & control
  • A more efficient use of hardware resources
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