IT Products

IT Products

Alpha Scan IT Support are proud to have gained a reputation as trusted experts in the field of IT throughout Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. Our recommendations are based on our technical expertise and knowledge gained from working with our diverse customer base over the last 25 years.

We have a consultative approach and take time to understand your specific requirements, the importance of different considerations and the implications of different approaches before making our recommendations.

In many instances, we can provide different options for your approval.

IT Products for businesses in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset

We are happy to attend meetings and present our proposals as required.

The pros and cons of each proposition is discussed with you in detail in order that you can make a fully informed decision in all instances.

  • Trusted IT experts with 25 years of industry knowledge
  • A consultative approach
  • Attendance at meetings and presentations as required

Structured Cabling

New structured cabling is often one of the easiest methods to improving and future-proofing your network systems. Here at Alpha Scan, we’ll assess your needs, design your systems and once installed, make sure your network is fully operational.

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Desktops | Laptops | Tablets

At Alpha Scan we understand your business is individual, and will have unique hardware needs.

Whether you require a simple laptop replacement or a new server installation, Alpha Scan can propose the best solution for you.

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Cyber Security & Ransomware

Instances of ransomware, particularly CryptoLocker are on the rise. Alpha Scan can help you protect your business.

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Automated offsite backup

Using Alpha Scan Automated Offsite Backup, your information is backed up and duplicated to a secure remote location, adding an additional layer of security. If the worst should happen and your onsite back-up is unrecoverable, we’ve got you covered. For even greater peace of mind, also speak with us regarding Alpha Scan Cloud Backup.

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Business Continuity

Alpha Scan can help you plan, build, implement and test your business continuity plan.

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Disaster Recovery

It is critical to have a modern and dependable disaster recovery process in place to safeguard your valuable business information. Using one or more of Alpha Scan’s backup products, you can trust that your data is safe, secure and can be restored quickly.

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Alpha Scan can consult with you in order to see whether full or partial hardware virtualisation may help your business achieve more.

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A robust, dependable and secure wireless network with good coverage is increasingly important as businesses become more reliant on working with devices such as wireless printers, tablets, laptops and handheld computers. We provide businesses with ever more flexible and convenient working practices both in and out of the office.

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Telephony VOIP

Alpha Scan have solutions ranging from traditional ISDN lines and SIP trunking to emerging technologies such as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), hosted telephony solutions and mobile VOIP via telephone cloud system. Whatever your requirements, Alpha Scan’s telephony experts can recommend the best solution for your business.

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