Lease Lines

Lease Lines

Lease Lines for business internet connection in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset.

A lease line refers to a telecommunications connection used for telephone, data or internet services. Typically, this is a premium fibre connection, allowing faster data transfer rates than traditional services over a DSL phone line.

A lease line is ideal for servicing a robust, dependable internet connection. Lines are ‘uncontended’, i.e. not shared with any other businesses and as such, there is a dedicated ‘always open’ connection between two points (typically two distant offices).

The fee for the line is a fixed monthly rate, hence the term ‘lease’ line. Pricing is primarily dependent on the speed of the circuit and the distance between the end points. Lease lines can be particularly cost-effective for businesses that require heavy internet use.

At Alpha Scan, our experts can discuss your options for internet connectivity and can advise whether a lease line is right for your business. We can plan and implement new lease lines as required and are experienced at managing any third parties involved on your behalf.

  • Premium dedicated connection
  • Dependable & robust service
  • Ideal for heavy internet use
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