ADSL Internet Connectivity for Business in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset

An Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a type of data connection, provided over telephone lines, commonly used for home internet. As BT own the UK’s telephone line infrastructure, an ADSL connection requires line rental be paid to BT.

‘Asymmetric’ refers to the fact that bandwidth and data transfer rates are greater running toward the customer than away from the customer. ADSL is,therefore, common for home internet use where a higher speed for downloading from the internet is of greater importance than more demanding services, such as running a server.

Speeds over ADSL can be affected by the distance from the telephone exchange and the age and condition of the cabling, but in most cases, a traditional ADSL connection provides a good quality, reliable internet connection at a lower cost than more premium options.

Alpha Scan’s experts can discuss your options for Internet connectivity and can advise whether ADSL or a more premium option is right for your business. We can plan and implement new ADSL lines as required and are experienced at managing any third parties, such as BT on your behalf.

  • Good quality, reliable service
  • Ideal for light to medium internet usage
  • Cost effective
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